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The narrative is recorded on a downloadable phone app that people can listen to as they move through the installation. Writer, Sandra Hunter and fine artist, Lisa Sanders. This project began in when Lisa sent Sandra a painting of a furry creature with ears and sad eyes.

Numerical simulation of terrain-induced vortex/wave shedding at the Hong Kong International Airport

She had painted it on Japanese paper that looked like the creature was shedding. Thus, the tale of the Girl and the Shedding Fox was born! Sandra sent a few lines of prose back to Lisa and for the next year and a half they exchanged prose and artwork as the narrative grew.

Sandra completed the draft narrative and Lisa began work on the sculptures and figures. We live together. I showed her the obituary. I texted Sam and told him how sorry I was for his loss.

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Sam told lively stories and seemed to live to acquire such. Last week I texted Sam again seeing what he was up to, a friendly hello, and we made plans for tonight. It was a couple years ago now. You were nodding off. I remember because I was really looking forward to seeing you at that bar.


Where was it? He put me in the shower but nothing worked so he called the cops. And on the walk over we talk about lighter issues and reminisce, and walking in to this small, warm bar with music feels good. I can tell he appreciates this place. A singer-songwriter is already on stage. The guitar sounds strong, especially since there are no other musicians up there with her, and her song now sings about a woman she loved and let go.

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  • A piano is in the stage area. A mural of an owl is on the left wall.

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    • Wood panels wrap through this room, and it almost feels like a dark cabin. Others file in and the room becomes full, and the artist on stage begins a song about Christ.

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      It is slow blues, ready for the night and these people here. It continues and builds and becomes something and Sam gets up and heads toward the door. I follow. She was going on about Christ in that song, and the sacrifice he made, right? Well, what the fuck did he really sacrifice?

      Think about my brother, you know? Think about Andrew and his life and what he endured his whole life. All his life. Think about his death, where he is and… I guess it just got to me. We end up staying at the bar and see the rest of her act and clap and it seems like Sam moved through what was really troubling him.