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Enter the retrofuturistic world of Mercy St. Clair, a talented and troubled bounty hunter navigating a society steeped in extreme violence on her journey of growth and self-discovery. Over 60 pages of brand-new color material!

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Ron Randall's sci-fi adventure opus! Mercy is on her emotional journey Look for similar items by category: Books Graphic Novels. Customer Reviews of Trekker Omnibus. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:.

In the midst of this morally ambiguous and complex universe, Mercy gets the sense that she has a larger role to play. Molly is self-possessed and blessed with a generous outlook on life—something she tries, often unsuccessfully, to transfer to the stony Mercy.

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On the surface, they seem oddly matched, but ultimately no one is more important to the emotionally distant Trekker. Paul Clemmons Mercy's erstwhile boyfriend. A cop on the New Gelaph force, Paul is surprisingly emotional for an officer of the law and is hellbent on getting Mercy to open up to him. Thompson Richards An academic living in Mercy's apartment complex.

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He assists her with some crucial research in "The Trail to Scarmen's Burn" Trekker 2, July , but his motives seem more rooted in romantic attraction than scholarly altruism. While Roger is eager to collaborate in catching a crook, Mercy is adamant in her policy of working alone. However, when Vincent cons Mercy of her share of the bounty he jumps to the top of her hit list.

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Alex St. He does what he can to help his headstrong and impulsive niece. Alex tends to rely on Mercy for assistance when the bureaucracy of the police force prevents him from making progress on a case.

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Lasmusi An underworld thug, but often an ally and reliable source for Mercy. They share a mutual respect, but both know that trust can only extend so far in their world.

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Jason Bolt An agent of the mysterious resistance organization Rigel. Posters Gift Tags. Souvenirs Flags Prhotos of Presidents. Puzzles pieces Puzzles pieces 3D Puzzle. Out of stock. Collects over 25 years' worth of Ron Randall's sci-fi adventure opus.

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