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  8. All contributions are tax-deductible. Support independent, student-run journalism. We hope his indomitable spirit will inspire you to let your kids jump in muddy puddles. Save the date. The event is expected to exceed 3, in attendance and will include a giant mud pit, whipped cream pie-tosses, food fights and splatter paint, among many other kid-friendly activities.

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    Click for photos from last year. Founded in September , The Ty Louis Campbell TLC Foundation is a nonprofit organization that funds innovative research specifically geared toward the treatment of the deadliest childhood cancers including brain and spinal cord tumors. The organization seeks less toxic, more effective treatments that are specifically designed for children fighting cancer.

    Peppa lets everyone watch without going bonkers, thanks to its fine skill at mirroring and even satirising family life. Peppa first hit British TV screens in and her adventures are now shown in worldwide territories.

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    Early episodes focused on simple moments of shared joy like jumping in muddy puddles or playing hide and seek; by the end of series one, Peppa had grown into a closely observed sitcom, with its central character not Peppa herself, but Daddy Pig. Chubby, hesitant and sporting a slobby half-beard, Daddy Pig is the sort of father who knocks a hole through the wall while putting up a picture.

    Peppa, her annoying but cute brother George the perfect portrayal of a younger sibling as seen by the elder and the supremely competent Mummy Pig never lose faith in Daddy, despite years of ill experience. Because as long as Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, Peppa and George are playing together — which it looks like they will, forever — everything is all right.