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If you do not register your car in your new state, you can possibly take a hit on your car insurance or with the state so make sure you take the first week in your new place to get all of these important tasks done. When you first move into a new place, you want to make sure you clean your new space, especially the kitchen and bathroom. You never know who used the restroom since the other tenant or owner moved out. Finally, enjoy your new space!

You have accomplished a big task so enjoy your new space and customize it to fit your life as much as possible. Please check out the moving check-list and YouTube video to help your moving transition go a lot smoother. Also, let me know in the comment section if there are any other topics or posts you would like me to discuss and create!

Good luck and keep me posted on your progress by leaving a comment.

Moving 101: How To Self-Pack

Moving Check-List:. Wrap all valuables or fragile items in clothing or news paper to keep them from breaking. Do not store or pack important documents, passports, birth certificates, diplomas, etc. Carry them with you!!! Drive around to find grocery stores and where everything is located near your new location:. Let's get Healthy!

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We have a coat closet. We have a pantry.

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We have a washer and dryer. When it comes to bikes, we have 2 choices: keeping our bikes in the extra space by the door, or locking them to the bike rack outside. Either option is clean and safe. After I moved into this place, I kept trying to think what an apartment like this would cost in New York. There literally is no apartment in New York that backs up onto a quiet grove of trees, where you can look up and see hundreds of stars.

Moving 101

A lot of this is a factor of expectation. Ever heard of Broker Fees?

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  • The better you pack, the easier it is to unpack..
  • How to Pack for a Move | Beginner's Packing Tips.
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Insurance in New York costs double compared to the cost in other parts of the country. The cheapest option on healthcare.


Brooklyn cost? Per month. Sure, my employer chipped in, but I still had to shell out a few hundred dollars a month at my first job there. Where is cost of insurance premiums on the cost of living calculator? On top of that, the insurance company does not pay providers enough to keep them afloat in the high cost of living area. Many providers choose not to accept insurance at all. Because I was so time-poor in New York, I cooked less and bought lunch out more.

We specialize in both residential and commercial moves; short or long distance. Our employees are fully trained, and qualified movers. We go the extra mile to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible. Click the link below to read the Moving Guide and for answers to many frequently asked questions. Only applies to cartons purchased directly from us. Everything needs to be packed, including mirrors, pictures, lamps, and all other breakable items. Unless we are scheduled to provide packing services for you.

Clothing and linens may be left in drawers. Make sure all boxes are taped shut. If you are moving into self-storage, you may need furniture pads.