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My attemp: Each one of us is called to have his clear opinion on what is in play and perhaps to contribute with behaviour and personal choices to provide his personal contribution throughout the course of the future dialogue. I don't like it at all! It sound so strange in English.

Thanks Ciao. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, My attempt: Each one of us is called to have his clear opinion on what is in play and perhaps to contribute with behaviour and personal choi ces to provide his personal contribution throughout the course of the future dialogue. TimLA said:. I think you are very close. Each of us is called on to have a clear opinion on what is in play the events , and contribute to the course of dialogue through personal behavior and choices.

I'm not sure about "what is in play" - It is usually used informally, but in the business world can be used formally. Is "in gioco" formal or informal?

I'd take suggestions about how to better handle that one. This is one of those long Italian sentences that takes me 10 minutes just to understand Thanks Tim! In gioco is formal, I know that in play is informal but I didn't know how to change it, events sounds good! What about possibilmente?

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Is perhaps wrong? Perhaps is fine, but, I saw the possibilmente , and intentionally dropped it because it isn't necessary. To me the sentence is a clear statement about what a person in this situation should do This is one of those times that, in English, you need to take Thoreau's words literally -"simplify, simplify, simplify" when it doubt, cut it out! Ah, scusate. GavinW Senior Member Italy. LGGirl said:. Non voglio che tu mi spieghi tutto nei dettagli, voglio solo farmi un'idea del tuo progetto. MonsieurAquilone Senior Member Auckland. I only want to get an idea of your project.

I only want to get to know what your project is about. I don't want you to explain everything in detail, I only want you to give me an idea of your plan. How does that sound? I think that your translations sounded good. Thank you. In italiano poui dire "voglio solo darmi un'idea del tuo progetto" o no?

Thank you - I can learn so much from this website! RobertdiLondra said:. You little ripper! Senior Member Australia. Speaking of rough , I want to get a rough idea of Charles Costante said:. Speaking of rough. Comma22 New Member Padova. Everything in fact is changing, everything is looking for a new arrangement, we ourselves are trying to learn to live in a different way, and the world of art is not free from these mutations. Balances have changed, the gallery system in its more traditional sense is dying, museums in many cases have become futuristic containers of high architectural value but lacking contents; the Western world is yielding to the tigers, the lions and the dragons that are venturing beyond the forests of the South-Asian economical growth.

But there is nothing catastrophic in all this: The Reinassance has developed and flourished among wars and invasions of the Landsknechte, the intrigues of the papal curia and the sacks of Rome, and Baroque art had to face one of the fiercest plague epidemics but, notwithstanding all this, they were unique times. Perhaps every cloud has a silver lining.

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Futurists saw in war a regenerating action, and we could imagine the crisis as a point of departure to renovate ourselves. When in late May the new announcement of the 7th edition of Arte Laguna Prize was launched, if not openly, all of us working at it bated breath. How would this edition be? Would there be the usual response? Would the Prize be successful again, as one of the realities of higher interest for European and international art?

All these questions, not publicly uttered, were tormenting everyone of us. Although from the organizational point of view we have tried to increase, develop, integrate and broaden many features of the Prize, widening its international scope, through new jurors, new realities and exhibiting opportunities, and new critical collaborations, the ghost of the crisis and of the.

There were many uncertainties, not because there were doubts about the quality of the Prize — which is the first and the main interest on which the organization focuses with perseverance — but rather, on the quality and constancy of the response. Arte Laguna Prize was conceived and meant as a tool serving artists, as a platform of meeting and cultural exchange revolving around the artists and the artworks, and it is artists themselves who, by choosing to participate, make all the organizational and critical decisions meaningful.

Our fears regarded the response of the artists who, in such a difficult moment, perhaphs frightened, could decide to back down and walk away both from the Prize and from the world of art more in general. This however has not happened, on the contrary there has been an increase and a progressive rise in the number and in the quality of the works submitted, there has been a response that reasserts how art, exactly at times of crisis, gives its best. In these months many articles have been published about art at times of crisis, and what has emerged from all these writings is that art does not suffer from the crisis, but that it is rather a form of response and reaction, a dimension where vital and rebirth drives concentrate in a privileged manner.

The exhibition of finalists of this year will be perhaps our personal Day After Tomorrow, our dawn of the day after, the point from where to start again, even if clearly nothing has stopped, but rather everything has kept on being alive and kicking, on germinating and growing, as nature does during the winter months, when it hides into an apparent sleep, carrier of life.

To conclude, I would like to thank all those who believe in this Prize, and who keep on believing in it, and most of all the artists who have been able to make every edition more and more exceptional through their work, and who have wanted to be part of this new and bright dawn.

Manual Perdonare (Farsi unidea) (Italian Edition)

Thanks to all of you who believe in Art. Oltre opere video e performance. Una mole di proposte da ogni continente. Sotto una nuova luce. Over video works and performances. A mass of proposals from all the continents. A wide variety of poetics and aesthetics, often so different from one another, that a homogeneous and comparative evaluation is difficult. So we proceed by discontinuities, with the difficulty of identifying but would it be that necessary? Generational leaps, from which it is hard to perceive continuity.

A collection from a magmatic and contradictory universe, remarkable for its diversity. Sometimes, among many relevant works, we find a surfacing of sketches of art attempts to which we should acknowledge courage or even recklessness, as well as anagrafically mature changes of pace looking for a new existential possibility.

Which had been there waiting, perhaps for a long time or perhaps not, to be recognized and enhanced, for its history and its power. In a new light. Arte Laguna Prize is one of the most interesting appointments of the creative world with the new talents of contemporary art, entrusted to the power of the web. Followed by thousands of young people, able to engage all the nationalities, beyond any linguistic and political barriers, the Prize is an extraordinary source of dialogue with art in its different expressions. Also this year the considerable number of participants suggests how artistic creativity is a heritage that never wears out, but rather multiplies exponentially as the borders expand and an ever-increasing number of youths can participate and decide to put to the test their artistic genius with ease, because the support of the web is really easy, in a serious and impartial contest, which trusts the competence of a jury of young critics, who are involved in this outstanding adventure as well.

Arte Laguna Prize, in fact, is not only a showcase for art talents but also an instance of how both critics and artists can dialogue in the new world of the web, through a system of relationships that is completely different from the common one. The quality of the result is attested by the spontaneous participation of the artists and by the impartiality of the jury towards the thousands of people who undergo its critical judgment.

On a quality level, a high percentage of the works submitted present an interesting artistic profile, and are able to fully explore the expressive potentials of the material. The world of young creativity looks therefore diverse and rich in ideas and reflections, able to verge on the political, social but also virtual and imaginary reality of our world, remarking how art remains the most advanced stronghold from which to observe our ever-changing life.

Momenti di illuminazione e ispirazione? Rari, in un primo momento, nell'esperienza di passare in rassegna la serie caleidoscopica di stili e narrative delle migliaia di opere presentate alla sezione pittura del Premio Arte Laguna, per il quale ho avuto l'insolito privilegio di fare da giurato. Ma, allo stesso tempo, questi momenti si sono rivelati esclusivi e straordinari, e hanno reso possibile un viaggio prezioso e arricchente. Molte delle opere presentate manifestano questo desiderio. Oscillando fra tradizione e sperimentazione, facendo i conti con i riferimenti storici, giocando con le abitudini percettive dello spettatore, esse mostrano un medium in continua evoluzione, un modo di pensare attivo, che trascende un linguaggio particolare o un discorso predominante.

Moments of illumination and awakening? How rare they were, as a desired experience of reviewing a kaleidoscopic array of styles and narratives of the thousands of entries to Arte Laguna Prize painting section of which I had this unusual privilege to act as a juror. But, at the same time, how exclusive and exquisite such moments have become!

How precious and enriching journey have they guaranteed!

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Despite being the most favorite and vivid form of artistic expression, painting remains the most challenging medium: Many works submitted manifest such desire. They too prove how difficult if not impossible task it is to invent yet another, new vocabulary in a contemporary culture so obsessed by an omnipresence of an image, a desire for storytelling and an invasion of technological gimmickry.

Painting now — more than ever — has to act as an agent of innocence, an island of intimacy where all grand narratives of the world we live in should constantly be rehearsed and reenacted. Subtlety of selected paintings, and their poetic, gesture-like quality provide a performance of rarity and artistic excellence where the negotiation with the pace of contemporary reality is conducted with an uttermost sensibility and critical sharpness.

Partecipare alla giuria di questa settima edizione del Premio Arte Laguna ha significato prendere in considerazione un articolato e complesso stato di cose.

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Quando si discute di arte contemporanea, si parla essenzialmente di un certo intento comunicativo; interazione che, nelle arti performative e video, si fa maggiormente evidente e basilare. In questi termini, lo stimolo che ne consegue sarebbe tale da contribuire a rafforzare e migliorare la consapevolezza umana. Nel tentativo di segnalare una tendenza, la selezione finale propone alcune sfumature proprie dei singoli ambienti sociali. Being part of the jury of this seventh edition of Arte Laguna Prize has meant to take into account an articulate and complex situation.

Also this year, in fact, the considerable number of the submitted works has not only shown a significant global attention, but it has also been able to suggest a compelling international overview. The debate that rose from it has revealed itself as a meaningful moment of reflection and in-depth analysis of the current artistic research. When talking of contemporary art, one generally thinks of a certain communication aim; an interaction which, in performative arts and videos, grows more evident and essential.

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This interpersonal relationship, thanks to the strong connectivity we are all plunged in, should lead to a strengthening of the reciprocal social and political knowledge. For this reason I think it is appropriate to think of a work of art also as a specific heritage, conceived in and bound to a given national context.

The communicational value of a work is therefore expressed both on the artistic level and as a carrier of cultural specificity. In these terms, the following inspiration would be so intense as to contribute to the strengthening and to the improvement of human awareness. In the attempt at identifying a trend, the final selection features some nuances of the single social environments. The international dialogue that stems from here therefore confirms the strength and the validity of this project.

A questo proposito i lavori presentati al concorso sono molto interessanti: Virtual art is the Scarlet Pimpernel of art Never as now virtual art is multiform and looks like a feuilleton character able to disguise and to transform in thousands and thousands of ways. Virtual art is like Fantomas, it is extremely elusive: Virtual art is chameleonic, because it can take on the features of other arts, take possession of part of their essence, but it is also partially invisible, to its liking, because it is able to gradually hide behind technology, that is one of its essential components but not its only drive.

Virtual art, which appears and disappears intermittently, is an alternatingcurrent art, which vanishes and reappears every five or six years.

Citas duplicadas

So future-oriented but also a bit nostalgic, clinging to the memories of the times that brought it to the top and then pushed it back into oblivion according to a common habit, reminds a little of the characters of B movies of the 50s and 60s, because in the most successful cases it looks wonderfully candid and naif, deliberately a little unfinished.

Up-to-date and trendy, virtual art is an old lady, a decaying diva forced to carry on her shoulders a heavy and sometimes uncomfortable name, this art has just one problem: It is much easier to say what it is not: To this aim the works presented at the competition are very interesting: Viceversa, going back to the most complex context, which avails itself of multiple approaches and which focuses on the disguising ability of this fluid, liquid and ever-changing art, different paths and countless schools of thought have taken shape: It is a rich and articulated panorama, that does not always look so organic as one may want to, not always considering the synergies among the different expressions, but which is well-promising for the future.

Questo Premio costituisce anche per me un grande processo di apprendimento. Quest'anno sono state presentate alcune opere davvero meritevoli, realizzate da artisti provenienti da diverse parti del mondo, che hanno prodotto lavori unici, sperimentali e all'avanguardia. Arte Laguna Prize is an important award for artists across the globe. It is a consequential platform, which supports and encourages experimental art, and sets new trends for the various genres of art for current times.