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The video's narrator teases: "Even though at first sight he looks like the average Secret Service spook, a series of odd features on his head, face, plus a very strange behavior and creepy movements suggest something else. His head is still swiveling back and forth, with his eyes on the crowd.

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Conclusion: The agent must be "shapeshifting into some sort of reptilian, nonhuman form," since that's a logical explanation. The narrator suggests technology used by the agent to keep his true identity hidden might have glitched out.

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All this is new evidence of a collaboration between a conspiratorial elite and "at least one extraterrestrial race" that is "pulling the strings of mankind. Crucially, the narrator hasn't figured out just what kind of alien is guarding the president. Is it an "actual reptilian humanoid?

White House Denies Any Contact with Alien Life

Is he an Annunaki? Not everyone's convinced. One commenter believes the agent could be a " genetically engineered super soldier or a human-animal hybrid. To believe any of this, you'll have to discard all contradictory evidence.

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The narrator instructs you to ignore the low lighting; doesn't mention the abrupt shift to a different camera angle; and asks the viewer to "disregard all the distortions and image artifacts caused by post-editing zooming. But still: alien guards. They've gotten a raw deal through the sequester.

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  6. The White House didn't clarify if its reptilian Secret Service agents are subject to the furloughs without pay affecting federal employees. But say this for the automatic budget cuts: They may have prevented Obama from falling into the clutches of an intergalactic conspiracy — that is, if the president wasn't in on it from the start. View Comments. Joe: Retaliation ,' the White House is invaded by sinister forces without anyone in the country or in the government knowing anything until it's too late.

    The Pharaoh in the White House | Jack Schwartz | The Blogs

    With the evil master of disguise Zartan impersonating the President, the sinister terrorist group Cobra is able to perform a silent coup, destroying the G. Joes and placing control of the country in the hands of Cobra Commander. After all, they did it without firing a shot The Cobra forces may have succeeded in taking over the White House with relative ease, but they were certainly lacking in the "razzle dazzle" department. Enter the mutant superhero Nightcrawler, who opens 'X2' with such a bang that the rest of film feels a little disappointing.

    Mind-controlled by the real bad guys, the blue-skinned, teleporting X-Man-to-be sneaks into the White House as part of a tour group and fights his way through any army of Secret Service agents. The body count is pretty low, but it's a monumental breach of security, concluding in the Oval Office with Nightcrawler hovering over the Commander-in-Chief with a knife. You see, Cobra? That's how you make an entrance.

    No Alien Visits or UFO Coverups, White House Says

    Although the cinematic White House has seen its fair share of terrorist assaults, most of the direct damage and destruction that has come its way has been the work of extraterrestrial forces. The President is dead. The First Lady has been crushed by the Nancy Reagan chandelier. The entirety of the Secret Service has been wiped out. The basic structure remains, but the inside is going to need a talented interior designer and couple million bucks before life can properly go on.

    The aliens in 'Mars Attacks! However, the super-powered Kryptonian bad guys in 'Superman II' have nastier motives. General Zod and his thugs smash their way into the President's home, effortlessly send every armed bodyguard in the building to the hospital and waltz right into the Oval Office, where they commandeer the seat of the nation and issue a direct challenge to Superman.

    'Earth vs. The Flying Saucers'

    The White House may be standing after their invasion, but they do a darn fine job of shattering the nation's morale and making the Secret Service look really, really bad. Although wildly implausible, the plan is rather terrifying in its execution, using great swaths of collateral damage to mask the invasion plans. After a heavily armed plane attacks the nearby streets, a small army of highly trained terrorists literally storm the White House lawn, overwhelming the first wave of security and taking control of the building before the military can assemble.

    The overall invasion plan featured in 'White House Down' is similar enough to its accidental sister film 'Olympus Has Fallen,' but with a few exceptions: it's slicker, bigger and sillier. No one can blow up national monuments quite like director Roland Emmerich see below , so the hostile takeover of the President's home in this film is accompanied by the complete obliteration of the Capitol Building, which, once again, only exists on film to get blown up to show how serious and well-equipped the baddies are.